Ethereum Mining

Ethereum mining with 2x Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

Power Save + Overclock Hash rate: 22MH/s – 23MH/s @ 130W total system power 
Full power + Overclock Hash rate: 24MH/s – 25MH/s @ 180W total system power 

Post update: These hash rates were based on an old version of Claymore (9.2). The latest version of Claymore will yield the highest hash rates possible.

Well this is exciting! After failing to receive shipment of my AMD RX 570 (now due in August), I decided to purchase another second hand Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti.

I spent a few days contemplating whether to go all out by purchasing 6x Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB and the reason why I did not go all out was because of the cost at approximately $330 – $360 for each card.

The hash rates I saw posted across the net for the Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB were around 16MH/s – 22MH/s, the team at were able to get a mind boggling 22MH/s @ 65W.

The Setup

Mining Rig GTX 1050 ti

I have updated my mining rig system – I’m no longer using my old AMD Athlon X2 which was consuming around 65W at idle. Below are the new specs.

  • ASUS PRIME Z270-P (New)
  • Intel Celeron G3900 51W TDP (second hand)
  • 8GB DDR 4 (Spare)
  • Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor (Old)
  • 850W Evga Power supply – 80 Plus Gold rating
  • Windows 10 64-bit (Spare)
  • Claymore dual miner Eth + Siacoin
  • MSI Afterburner for overclocking

As you can tell I’ve moved away from Linux – I never had the patience to figure out the best way to overclock the cards (Claymore miner doesn’t support overclocking of Nvidia cards).

You can also see I saved money where I could  by using old or second hand parts where available.

I’m pleased to say this system consumes 35W idle

Lower hash on Windows ;/

Mining on Windows has resulted in a lower hash rate with ethereum. If you came across my other article, Ethereum mining benchmark with 1x Nvidia GTX 1050 TI & Ubuntu 16.04.2, that card produced around 11MH/s – 12MH/s on Linux.

The same card produced 10MH/s on Windows, hardly hitting 11MH/s! Probably because Nvidia mining is better on Linux or I’m not using the recommended Windows drivers (most likely based on my reading online). For those wondering, My Linux and Windows setup both use Nvidia’s CUDA driver.

The Cards

1x ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti OC

ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti OC EX-GTX1050TI-O4G
Model: EX-GTX1050TI-O4G

1x Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E

Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Model: GV-N105TD5-4GD

Ethereum mining – Stock Clocks

So as mentioned earlier, out of the box stock clocks, both cards produced similar hash rates, with the exception of the ASUS card producing slightly higher +0.2MH/s to +0.5MH/s give or take – this is due to the slightly higher stock core clock speed. Both cards produced around 10MH/s to 10.5MH/s:

CardCoreMemoryPower LimitHash rate
Gigabyte 1050 Ti1290MHz3504MHz100%~10MH/s
ASUS GTX 1050 OC Ti1341MHz3504MHz100%~10.5MH/s

Power Consumption (Mining) @ wall 175w

Ethereum mining – Overclock & 100% Power Limit

100% Power Limit, implies I have left the “power limit” in MSI Afterburner to the default 100%.

CardCoreMemoryPower LimitHash rate
Gigabyte 1050 Ti1290MHz*3877MHz100%~11.5MH/s – 12.3MH/s
ASUS GTX 1050 OC Ti1341MHz*4007MHz100%~12MH/s – 12.8MH/s

Power Consumption (Mining) @ wall 180w

Ethereum mining – Overclock & Lowest Power Limit

Lowest Power Limit, implies I have set the “power limit” in MSI Afterburner to the lowest possible for the cards.

CardCoreMemoryPower LimitHash rate
Gigabyte 1050 Ti1290MHz*3877MHz72%~10.9MH/s – 11.4MH/s
ASUS GTX 1050 OC Ti1341MHz*4007MHz70%~11MH/s – 12.2MH/s

Power Consumption (Mining) @ wall 130w

GTX 1050 ti eth hash rate

Overclocking Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Overclocking ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti OC
ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti OC


I must say, I’m impressed by reducing the power limit for the cards. On average, I lost around 1MH/s per card by limiting power, reducing overall hash rate from 24MH/s to 22MH/s but reduced power consumption by a staggering 50w / 32%.

30% less power = 8% less hash rate 

Not bad at all!

I reckon it is possible to push the ASUS GTX 1050 Ti OC to 13MH/s or even higher. Stay tuned.



  1. Hiii, I’m planning to buy 4*zotac gtx 1050 ti 4gb. I already have zotac gtx 1060 3gb. Will there be any change in hashrate for using two different cards. I’m using latest Windows 10.

    1. Hello Prem,

      Nice. I am waiting for my ITX Zotac 1050 Ti 4GB . You may notice a difference in hash rate if the drivers are updated automatically when Windows decides to install the new card drivers.

        1. Nice. After reading this thread I tried it myself and as a result I got 15.6-15.7 mhs, perfectly stable.
          here’s the afterburner settings:
          core = +0
          memory = +1000
          fan speed = 85

          temperature is 57 degree Celsius(stable)
          my gpu- msi gtx 1050 ti oc edition
          claymore version – 10.3
          geforce driver version- 390.65
          mobo- ga h110 m s2
          cpu- g4560

          I want to expand my rig but this card is not available right now in my area. Only card I am getting here id inno3d gtx 1050 ti(dual fan card). If anyone have this card and mining with it, please reply your hashrates.

  2. found your site and learn something new! i am very new and yet to have my rig. how can i contact you to ask some question? thanks

  3. What is the maximum memory OC you reached for stable mining? I am at +500, but I wanna reach more than 13,1-13-2 MH/s which I have.

    1. Wow you’re doing pretty damn good with 13MH/s! I’ve not really OC beyond 405MHz for each of the 1050Ti’s… bit lazy.

      Also my cards are in power save mode, with 100% power I can hit around 12.9 Max with 405MHz

      What card do you have?

    2. I have a gtx 1050 Ti 4GB OC. Clock speed of 1454 and a boost of 1568 withoth clocking. I get a hash rate of 15Mh/s using Lyra Algorithim and 144 Mh/s using Equihash.

  4. Hey mate , I found this article as there are very less mining rigs with 1050ti .. and every one says BIG No for using these cards .. I am impressed and happy for your experiment ..
    I have few questions though ..

    1)I plan to put 3 Gtx 1050ti .. It would be great if you can make a full video tutorial or a article with screeenshots n show the whole process of building the rig ..

    2) Do you need Aircon whole day for this rig ?

    3) SO i can put 3 X 1050ti different brands as well ? means asus + gigabyte + msi ?

    4) Would 650W PSU will be ok for 3 X 1050ti ?

    5) Have you tried mining Zcash with 1050ti ? i heard they better zcash than ethereum ..

    Thanks in advance..

    1. Hey Nick,

      1) I did think about creating video but no need as there are plenty on youtube. This guy has a really good video when building from start to finish:

      2) Nope don’t have air-con. I use a small fan pointed at rig.

      3) Yep.. I have ASUS, Zotac & Gigabyte mixed.

      4) 650w is more than enough for the 1050 Ti

      6) Depends. I didn’t really analyse exact figures, but Eth was more profitable for me in 24hrs than Zcash. But that’s with 3x 1050Ti, 2x 1060 & 1x RX 570

    2. Oh and the reason why people say no is because of the cost in general.

      1050 Ti costs around £125 @ 12MH/s – 60W – 65W
      AMD RX 570 costs around £200 – £270 @ 24MH/s – 90 – 110W

      So 2x 1050 Ti is more expensive in long run. I.e. need twice as many cards.. Eventually twice as many Rigs vs RX 570 Rig, so base cost goes up. You really should put all the cost in a spreadsheet and find out what’s more cost effective.

  5. i am experimenting with my EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SSC version on nicehash.. selected ethereum using MSI Afterburner,i am getting between around 14.588 to 14.688.. i tweaked the settings like.. power limit on 100%. Core Clock to +137. Memory clock to +902.. and my fan speed to 75.. the GPU temperature was around 58C.. but this depend on the weather.. i am going to experiment with my Zotac GTX 1050 Ti OC version soon which is under my table right now. Also,i have a Gigabyte OC version coming on the way.. Did anyone tried with ZCash? i was getting around 159 to 162 Sol/s with a bit of tweaking with the EVGA SSC version. it will be great to share the results and tweaks.. so if you guys have any recommendations to have a better operating method,that would be more great.. Cheers..

    1. 😮

      Wow that’s very impressive – your EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SSC is probably the fastest I’ve come across.

      I’ll try to see what my ASUS Expedition GTX 1050 Ti OC can do with more aggressive memory clock speed – doubt it’ll go beyond 13.5MH/s @ 100% power limit.

      I’m running the Nicehash benchmark now – I’ll report back with the results for all my cards.

      1. yeah.what is more beautiful with the EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SSC,is that it doesn’t need any external power supply.despite on overclocking it,it is stable and it eats only about 68.8 to 69 watts. i am eager to experiment with the Gigabyte Windforce OC video card as it uses a six pin power supply i guess we can have a better results with it.. i would recommend to buy the twin fans versions only of the GTX 1050 Ti as it is more stable compare to the single fan ones when overclocking for mining.i will also report when i will receive my pci-e card risers so that i can mine with the 3 cards at the same time with the stable tweakings..happy mining guys..

    2. i use Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 EX – OC Version with msi afterburner set to core +100 memory+750 and get 174sol/s (nicehash), around 180(ewbf) and 190-200(dstm) mining zen sometimes mining btg .. will my gpu crash ?

      # sorry for my bad english

  6. I’ve got a few 1070 and 1060 rigs, but I must say I’m most impressed by the 1050ti.

    Got one on Samsung memory, getting 15.5mhs at 75% power / 1200 core (-400) / 4450 mem (+950). Running smoothly at 54deg!

    1. Hey Joel,

      That’s insane! what 1050 Ti are you mining with? and yep impressive little card.. I think the prices are creeping up now. (although Ethereum is going dooowwnnnn).

    1. That’s a good observation Alex. I don’t know – I wonder if Claymore is doing something dodgy or if it was a dev fee mine… Claymore said it should say mining dev fee when mining for him :/

      The other possibility is the screen cap caught frame change. I’m interested to find out why that is now.

  7. My 1050ti Aero Itx from Msi (single fan) is running at 14.9
    Core clock -400
    Memory +805
    Temp limit 70
    Power limit 77
    Card is running very cool at 56C

      1. 😮

        Holy hell! That’s a new record. Can you verify this by sending a screenshot of your miner / overclock software? Upload your images to any free hosting site, then use the contact form in the menu above to send me the links.

  8. I also got the Zotac 1050 Ti OC edition running at 14.9 Mh/s on Ethereum mining. Running well got 5 of them so far and the card is very reasonably priced.

    1. Hey bood, that’s great – it looks like people with OC or dual fan cards get higher hash than the mini variants (as well as using the latest version of Claymore).

      The 1050 Ti cards aren’t bad for the price and availability. Granted the prices of them are now creeping up too!

  9. yeah the prices creeping up already, have the mini zotac 1050 ti tested today got it 15 Mh/s stable and that version is slightly cheaper than the OC version. 1000mhz on ram and 124 on gpu.

  10. Brother help me out,
    here in my country almost all gpus are sold out or available at 4x price,
    so ended up with a decison that i will use 1050ti or rx560

    i am going to buy below items please guide me if this will work or not (dont worry about power consumption and gpu prices)

    12 x 1050ti or rx560 suggest me which is great after full overclocking and for reselling after a year or two.
    asrock H110 pro btc or biostar TB250-BTC-PRO will buy any according to availability.
    2 x 650watt psu.
    12 x riser .
    intel g4400.
    8gb ram and 120gb ssd.

    please guide me is this build will work or not will it freeze in windows 10? can i use it in ethos?
    thanks in advance waiting for reply…….

    1. Hello Prashant,

      I can’t advise you with this setup as I’ve not tried either motherboard.

      1050 Ti or RX 560? Depends on how much they cost and their mining rate.

      If you’re planning on using a single board for all those GPUs, then 1 PSU should be fine but you’ll want at least 1200W for some headroom – that’s under the assumption that each GPU will consume no more than 50-60W per card.

      you don’t need an SSD or lots of RAM.

      For advice about the motherboard, check out reviews first and see how many GPU’s they actually support without issues.

      Windows 10 should be OK.. you’ll only start freezing if you start overclocking too much or have fault parts.

      Good luck!

  11. Zotac 1050ti 4gb itx mini power 100% core -290 memory +750 fan 85% ambient temp 23 card temp 54 getting 14.9mh claymore 9.8 eth-only mode

  12. Hi, I just came here to say thank you. Your posts have been very useful, the comments have also been very good, I’ve learned as I also have a GTX 1050 Ti. I’m mining in Windows 10 at an average of 15 Mhz, sometimes 14.9… and sometimes 15.1… Max has been 15.2.

    Power Limit: 75%
    Temp Limit: 75 C
    Core Clock: -400
    Memory Clock: +813
    Temperature : During the night when the AC is full (18C) is around 60 C, during the day with the AC Thermostat maintaining the temp at (21C) in the house the card goes to 64 C.

    Here are the pictures:

  13. Ok so i have 2 Rigs with 6 X 1050 ti on each one ..
    Rig 1 – 4 Asus Game Rog Strix Gtx 1050ti and 2 Msi Gtx 1050ti OC
    Rig 2 – 6 X Msi Gtx 1050ti OC ..
    Using windows 10 & claymore 9.7 & 9.8 …

    Rig one crashes anything above +510 Coreclock using 100% power limit and rest all default .. I tried all suggested settings but it crashes ..only stable settings i found is core clock +510 rest all default.
    Any suggestions ? I am suspecting its asus & msi mix brands is the conflict ? as afterburner is in sync to all GPU for same settings. .

    Rig two crashes anything above +750 Core clock ..especially if i lower the power limit .. only stable settings is 100% power limit and +750 core clock or less with rest defaults settings.. Any suggestions on this one ? How come many of them here running 1000+ that too with power limit and getting 15mh+ stable .. What are the other factors to consider ? I have all pro stuff Mining Mobo, 8Gb ram,SSD,corsair 750w gold psu ..

    I spent lot of time troubleshooting .. wondering what else should i do ? any help from any one would be appreciated.. thanks in advance

    1. Hey Nick,

      From the sounds of it you’re overclocking the Core and not Memory? can you confirm? You need to overclock the Memory clocks – overclocking core doesn’t really have much benefit for mining.

      Also don’t sync Rig 1 – you might basically have to overclock 1 card at a time to figure out the limits.

      I can see that you tried Claymore 9.7/9.8.. That’s what made the most significant gain for me. However on the other hand… When my first rig that had 2x GTX 1060 Cards and 3x GTX 1050 Ti, that rig’s 1050 Ti’s were able to hit 14/15MH/s without fail. The minute I removed the two 1060 cards, guess what? I got really crappy hash rates (well not crap) – around 13-13.5MH/s. Still trying to get my head around why that is.

      Second tip is to avoid extreme overclocks for the card that’s plugged into the monitor – it’s going to be pushed more than the other cards since it’s mining & running your Windows desktop environment.

    1. Not really. As long as you’re not mining solo / locally, and you have your ETH private key backed up, you can get rid of geth (that’s if you used Geth to create a local wallet).

      If your wallet is online somewhere and you’re not mining solo / locally, I don’t see why you need geth.

  14. Anyone what your opinion if I mine using 6 of 1050 ti using ethos for eth. How much can I expect to earn with these gpu. Currently mine with single 1050 ti with 15.2 mh it took a week for me to get just 12 dollar. Or shall I buy 1060 or 480.

  15. Hi I just started mining with my Asus 1050 Ti ROG and after overclock I’m at 1923mhz core and 9008mhz memory getting 15.6mh/s. So not bad at all! Think I’m going to buy a second card the same to get up in the 30mh/s range =)

      1. Hi, I appreciate the balance, but I’m just doing it for a bit of fun really. I wanted a better gpu so I got this 1050 ROG for £132. I can sell my old card so it’s cost me little. The 2nd one again cost £132 so being at 0.0071 atm ether after 4 nights+ mining it is definitely going to take a while haha. But it’ll help me with vram for video editing and if I can hit the min 0.2 payout before the boom (if it happens) then I should break even. Who knows at 31mhs I might get past 0.2 by then and maybe even make profit. It’s all a game after all =)

        1. Hey Tom,

          Ah sweet! always nice to make money from your main GPU =). Hopefully there will be an eth boom, the price recently recovered to over 300USD but it would be nice if the prices of altcoins weren’t tethered to Bitcoin. In some cases it’s the opposite. i.e. when bitcoin goes up, altcoins go down, and vice versa.. you could potentially make a few quid off your mined coins by trading online.

          Wouldn’t it be great if we had a time machine and went back when the price of BTC was in the pittance? We’d be multi-millionaires by today’s sum!

          1. I know right I read a story about a guy who’d had a clear out and accidentally thrown out his old hdd with his wallet on. Had 7000 bit coins on it from an investment at launch! £31m! Ouch. He knew exactly where it was buried in a landfill but it was 15-30ft underground with guarantee he’d find it =‘(

    1. I heard about that – poor sod. I actually had an opportunity to buy bitcoin when it launched too – my mate on steam was ranting about it and my narrow view was “no way am I buying digital currency!”. I’m well pissed off at myself lol

  16. I can’t imagine how he must feel knowing 30 million is right there under his feet! =(
    Yes you should have gone for it! But then, its always easy to say in hindsight eh.
    I just set up my second card mining to see how stable it is. It’s not as stable as my 1st 1050 Ti, but it did have a higher base clock. And it runs 10 degrees cooler.
    So far it seems happiest at 1911MHz core (same as other card) but “only” 8556MHz memory. If I go higher it gets the whole red “cu_k1 failed” error. But at 8556 it seems happy running a 14.975mh/s. Voltage is only at 100% but if I bumb it up it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
    Can I stress test a second card if it isn’t my primary one? Having no SLi on the 1050 obviously

    1. I know! I feel bad about not buying back then, I just hope this guy doesn’t go mad! iirc when I read the article, he said he wasn’t going to stop. I’m not too familiar with how the local dump dispose of computers – i.e my local council ship the old PCs where they process electronic goods… but if he dumped his PC in a skip, then I’m sure he has some chance of finding it… That’s if his hdd doesn’t succumb to water damage.

      Very interestingly… my 1050 Ti’s don’t perform as well when the rig had 2x 1060’s and 1xAMD RX570 – I’m wondering if that’s down to the 1060 taking most of the load for the OS rendering – still haven’t got my head around that (i.e. mining @ 14/15MHs, but now only 13/14 if im lucky with 1050 Ti’s only).

      As for stress testing, I haven’t really looked into a specific tool but if you’re using Claymore’s in dual mining mode (ETH and SIA) – perhaps switch off your main card and increase the intensity for the 2nd coin. Simple process really:

      1) Start Claymore in dual mining mode (ETH + SIA/whatever)
      2) Switch off your main GPU by pressing 0 on your keyboard (toggles GPU0 off/on)
      3) Press + on your keyboard to increase the intensity for the alt coin, i.e. SIA

      You might also be able to specifically increase intensity for a specific card via the batch startup arguments but don’t quote me on it – I haven’t tinkered with all the settings much lately.

  17. Just out of curiosity could my cpu oc have anything to do with it do you think?
    It’s a 3570K completely stable at 4.22GHz on an H100i. But earlier the whole system blue screened on my old “stable” clock of 4.4GHz

    1. Quite possibly… the miners still use a bit of CPU power. For instance claymore is a better than ethminer when updating the CLI (i.e. updating your screen with information about finding a block, processing a block etc) – ethminer uses a shitload of CPU (100% if a single/dual core to post updates to the command line).

      It’s worth checking how much your CPU load goes up when mining.. It could also be down to power draw – maybe your PSU isn’t supplying enough power? There are a few reasons why… but hey ho, if you ask on the Claymore forum, most people will say turn down your overclock to find stability first.

  18. Oh I think it was just a loose drive from the article I read and he just put it in the bin. Even if it was water damaged he could have it data recovered no problem but there’s no guarantee he’d even find it, so the investment to start a dig is too risky.
    I am using Claymore but I’m only mining ether atm.
    It just cu_k1 errored again =( so I’ll have to keep tweaking it.
    My cpu usage is just ticking over once the miner is running so maybe it just uncovered a slight instability in my 4.4 clock. 4.2 is solid I know that and plenty fast enough so I’ll stick with that.
    Anyway sorry to keep you mate thanks for your help, I’ll check in when it’s stable and let you know how its going.
    If your 1050’s are the Asus ROG ones they are known to hit 1911MHz consistantly on no extra voltage so maybe try adjusting yours slightly. Anyway thanks again & good luck =)

    1. No worries at all – it took me some time to tweak my rig for stability… Bit of a setback with hash rates once I used a single board and 9x 1050 Tis – Windows/Nvidia wouldn’t support more than 9 cards so am forced to use Linux with slightly lower hash rates. p.s. my cards are pretty much the runts of the 1050 Ti’s, with the exception of an OC version that hashes higher obviously/

  19. Ok I think I’ve done it. She seems stable, not to jinx it! It’s settled at 1873mhz core and 8452mhz memory. I brought the first card down slightly to 1898mhz from 1923mhz to ease the strain a bit which might also be helping it stabilize. Now getting an average 30.4mh/s.
    So… only 2 MONTHS to go for 0.2ETH minimum payout, according to nanopool! XD LOL

    But hey, they were cheaper than a 1060 and have a higher hashrate together! So worth it when it also gives me 8gb of vram for any video editing I do =)

    1. ha – congratulations… I had the same logic @ buying 2x 1050 Ti’s instead of a single 1060 – more hashing power and cheaper at the time when I bought them. My rig atm (9x 1050 Ti & 1x 1060) mines around 0.05 ETH every 2 days -_-.

  20. Wow that’s nice! You must be doing pretty well then. Fingerts crossed for the boom 😉 How long ago did you start mining ether?
    I’ve only just started, less than a week of over night mining and I just hit 0.01 on nanopool last night!! A real number at last. Its down to a month already for minimum payout. Now there’s two of them they’re just munching through that blockchain!

    1. According to my calculations, my rig is mining around 0.75 ETH a month. I started mining too late – miners were making serious coins at the start of the year, check out this difficulty chart:

      And do a historic search online – apparently the guy commenting on this post in Jan 2016:*-Radeon-RX-480-GDDR5-8GB-mining-rig was mining around 2.5 – 3 ETH a week.. lets estimate he was getting 150MH/s..

      By today’s comparison. I’m mining around 0.2 ETH a week with 140MH/s

  21. Yikes! Yeah if only, but then its just like looking back at the bitcoin price back in the early days.
    Plus now with everyone jumping on the bandwagon its only gonna get worse too! I can’t talk though i’m one of those jumpers lol)
    Still getting occasional miner failures with this clock I just keep tweaking it down but it never ends ='(

    1. Hey there!

      Difficulty bomb has gone down but I think the reward per block has also gone down.. Anyhow I haven’t researched into it yet.

      9x 1050 TI’s gets around $3.26/day

      9x 1050 Ti Hash rate

  22. biostar tb 250 pro 12 pci slots
    intel g4400
    zotac 1050 ti mini 4gb
    claymore 10.0 on smos
    Winters are approaching in north India so temps are around 50 to 60 degree Celsius max.

  23. I dont know much about mining but I thought to just give it a try. I am having problem in calculating my power consumption I have dell t 2500 intel xeon w3565 with 8gb ddr3 ram and one gtx 1050 ti oc
    Appreciate if u can help.

    1. Hello Hamza,

      The best way to get an accurate reading is by measuring how much Watts your system is using @ the wall socket. You do this by using an energy monitoring plug like a “Kill A Watt“.

      1. Plug computer in to Kill A Watt
      2. Turn on PC & start mining – Look at Kill A Watt reading & note down value
        1. i.e. 130W. This is how much electricity your PC consumes for 1 hour.
      3. Calculate kWh values (Kilowatt per Hour) – we’re going to use this to calculate your electricity bill $$$:
        1. Mining power consumption / 1000 = kWh value (Kilowatt per Hour).
          1. i.e. 130W / 1000 x  = 0.13kWh per hour
      4. Calculate cost of electricity for consuming 0.13kWh per hour for 1 day (24 hours)
        1. 0.13kWh x 24 = 3.12kWh per day
        2. 3.12kWh per day x $0.10 per kWh = $0.312 a day

      hope that makes sense.


  24. i got two 1050ti 4gb which make 15.6MH/s x2 = 31.2MH/S
    each on claymore im using msi burner to over clock only the
    power at 73%
    memory by +950
    temps stays at 48deg with 55%fan n 52deg with 70% fan

  25. Hi i don’t know what am i doing wrong! i bought ASUS gtx 1050 ti today just to try mining for first time. I placed it into my computer replacing my old GPU but when i started mining on [removed by admin] i only get around 300 H/s and on nice hash it showed 150 H/s that’s way too far away from what the this post is showing “14 MH/s”.
    I will really appreciate a little push .

    1. You need to use a different miner and pool – use Claymore or something that is not a scam miner / pool as what you posted in your comment.

    2. roasted
      you may be mining equish or crytonight because nice hash mine default most profitable coin at that time and you will see barely mining eth. nice hash mine these algorithms with older cards, your hash rate is fine and it take a while to show right hash rate on the website and it will vary on your share submitted. nice has is the good site specially for noob’s and you don’t need to do any thing just run there software sit and relax and have a beer, they will mine for you.

  26. Well NiceHash down after BTC hits £11k and gets hacked!! Yikes!
    Hows it going?
    Mining on my 2x 1050 Ti’s is a reeeeaaaally long game lol But I did buy £50 of Bitcoin just to have some and its already worth £63.50 after a couple days! I should have bought more but I don’t know.

      1. Haha yeah! …But, when people start selling their Kitties for £15k each, we’ll feel like idiots eh! =P
        I know right, luckily I’d only just started Nicehash so only had £3.90 in there.
        I did decide to buy more Bitcoin though, not a lot, but I grabbed £200 extra from Coinbase and moved my other £50 over to there as well. Even after the purchase and transfer fees, it was at about £265 last night when it hit its high (while I was awake) but it went up further and back down again by today =( Typical!
        Have you noticed Litecoin value though? Its climbing pretty fast compared to normal, up from £68 to £98 since yesterday! I called it!
        If that skyrockets now instead of Bitcoin, I bloody knew it lol.

        1. Hey Tom,

          you’re right the prices of cryptokitties is insane. the fresh born gen 0 kitties were selling for 5Eth. I checked again last night and they were 11Eth lol

          Ha I wish I bought bitcoin when I started mining, I’d have a super nice car by now paid for.

          Yep you called it, litecoin rocketed. people are saying it was either the new alleged marketing ploy and others say it’s bitcoin people cashing out. still I missed out on that too. p.s I had litecoin in summer for cheap but also sold it cheap.. god dammit lol

          1. Wanna go halfs on a kittie breeding farm lmao!

            OH NO you sold it all?! RIP.
            I’ve moved all my Zec and Eth to LTC for now. I can mine Zec easy so thats no worry and I didn’t have much Eth so its better of on LTC for now eh. Buy some with your crypto before it goes up much more, if it takes off like BTC you’ll only kick yourself. It’s doubled it’s value in a day!

          2. Yep RIP indeed – hopefully my better self will return from the future with lottery numbers and Crypto prices… Lol just like in the movie back to the future.

            Do you earn more mining ZEC than ETH? What miner are you using?

            I’ve seen a few “youtube experts” declaring that LTC will go to $200… We’re already at $162 and I still can’t believe it. Fingers x’d it continues to go up but dont forget to pull out if it goes the other way.

  27. PS I just got a ROG 1060 for £200! so That i’ll consider my upgraded main card and my 2 ROG 1050 Ti’s are the investment at £260 total =) Bargain for double the hash power.

    1. Good work man – the 1060 is a very good gaming card IMO considering the price point. I was thinking of buying another 1060 for my mining rig but holding out at the moment (will need another power supply which means more cost).

      1. Yeah you can see on EDAX, it’s settled back down fluctuating around $140/£110 mark so I’ll just hold it for a while and see considering I don’t have a lot in it, about £40 (some from mined ZEC exchange).
        As for ZEC’s mining return, its a lot lower minimum payout at 0.01ZEC (36 hours) instead of 0.2ETH (month) both on Nanopool. So its less time consuming and long winded. ZEC though is worth about £200+ compared to ETH at £300+ so it’s all relative.
        I’m running 2x Asus GTX 1050Ti 4GB Strix, @ 30mh/s (total) Ethereum and 350Sols (total) Zcash. When this Asus GTX 1060 6GB Strix arrives I’ll run it as my main card with 1 of the 1050Ti’s on a riser (I’ll jam it in there somewhere! XD). The 1060 should get 25+mh/s alone with an overclock so nearly halfing my ZEC payout time =)
        My 1050’s would take forever to hit 0.2ETH payout and I’m not patient enough so I’m mining ZEC and converting it to others instead 😉

        1. I can honestly see why stock traders have the highest stress levels – I was freaking out @ the BTC slump and I don’t even own any.


          30MH/s is freaking awesome for your 1050 Ti. You’ll definitely get 25MH/s from the 1060 – that’s what I was hitting when using Windows + Claymore 9.7+. I get 20MH/s on Linux – card won’t budge beyond that. Even my 1050 Ti’s score poorly @ 13.5MH/s.

          I might give ZEC a try… maybe I’ll create a post hehe

          1. Yeah definitely do it! Fast turn around and you can then convert it to whatever you fancy =)
            I am lucky with them. One 1050 handles +950mhz memory, leaving core at only +80mhz and 100% power. The other 1050 is +660mhz memory, +60mhz core and 80% power. If I turn the cores up any more it just makes them unstable with such high memory clocks.
            Yeah really can’t wait to get this 1060! More tedious clocking to figure out though lol

  28. Ok 1st Q
    Putting together first build and can’t decide on a cpu, Intel G3930 or G4400 ?
    Biostar TB250 BTC Mobo
    6x Nvidia GTX 1050ti 4gb (Got 3 cards on their way and 3 more later Jan so it will be a 6 gpu build)

    1. Hello 525kev

      I’m using the G3900 which is OK for Ubuntu + Remote access + 10x GPU mining. If you look from my linux screenshot below, CPU load is low:

      Highlighted at the top of the list is the ubuntu GUI consuming the most CPU resources.

      When you try access the system desktop etc while mining, it’s not *that* sluggish.

        1. Same thing between operating systems tbh. I started mining with Windows 10 – Windows 10 GUI runs faster than Ubuntu – that’s for certain and either of your CPU choices won’t be a problem.

          I might be creating a review IF having a more powerful CPU in someway affects mining. It will be a controlled environment, i.e. same mining rig, just a more power CPU. Not sure how long it will take for me to do that (depends if I can afford to buy a CPU ).

          1. Cheers i went with the G4400, A review on the effect would be great as i haven’t found anyone who’s covered this that i can find.

          2. Hey Tom here again, Happy New Year =)
            Got my 1060 6Gb now! To join my 2x 1050Ti’s with my riser on the way.

            As for what you’re saying here, I mean I can’t be sure if having more powerful CPU’s makes much difference with gpu mining.
            But I have an i5 3570K @4.2GHz and all my cards so far have been really good overclockers. May be luck or could the CPU help? I don’t know.

            – My 1st 1050Ti 4Gb hit 1788MHz Core, 4443MHz on Memory.
            ETH@15.4 MH/s
            ZEC@180 Sol/s

            – 2nd 1050Ti 4Gb hit 1778MHz Core 4200MHz Memory
            ETH@14.6 MH/s
            ZEC@171 Sol/s

            – And now this 1060 6Gb I just got is at 4799MHz on Memory (I can’t go any higher with MSi Afterburner) and 2037MHz Core.
            ZEC@331 Sol/s

            And all running happily at 50-60 degrees!

          3. Hello Tom,

            Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for taking the time report your findings! It’s always great to see what hash rates others are getting with similar or dissimilar setups. So let me be the first to say you have some great hashing power going on there – especially impressed with the 1060 pulling 25MH/s on ETH! Well done

            When I had two separate rigs, if you look toward the end of this post: – the second rig was using a much older Motherboard / Intel chipset and was never able to achieve the same hash rate as the other rig (mind you it was equipped with a Celeron!). I do however believe it’s the underlying chipset architecture that has an impact over the CPU until I can test that to confirm (I could pull the i7 6700K from my gaming rig but I’m a bit apprehensive. I have one of those annoying “bolt on” coolers!)

  29. Haha Thanks! I am impressed with the 1060. Probably some tweaks to make with time it’s bound to crash or stall but seems happy so far.

    I saw you ran a “very old Intel Z87 Express chipset”, well I’m still running an even older Asus Sabertooth Z77 TUF! Which was a bulletproof overclocker in it’s day but still pretty old now. But they can still fetch a fair price secondhand. But you can pick up a 3570K like mine for cheap nowadays. Mine does 4.2GHz easily on my boards stock OC options. But that has a H100i cooler.

    My 1050Ti’s and the 1060 is all Asus Strix cards which I think helps. I’ve always kept everything either Asus or Corsair in my system because they are so compatible.
    The only other brands are 3 cooler master fans and 2x Seagate drives, but again the OS drive is Corsair (SSD)

    Again not sure if any of this helps mining, but it’s my main system and so I have always gone for compatibility and stability so if it does help it’s a bonus. It’s running NiceHash now as I type this and it feels smooth and responsive as ever haha!

    1. Ha that’s very interesting @ Z77 TUF – my last and current gaming rig use the Asus TUF boards – well built imo! TUF FTW.

      I might try the 6700K in the mining rig next week if I can be bothered! Watch this space.

      1. I’ll add that chipset/motherboard/cpu combo has influenced speeds on my end.
        It’s hard to tell what exactly is causing it (is it the chipset or maybe something that a mb bios update would fix?), but I definitely see lower performance on older boards.

        I’ve had the most trouble with a sandy bridge h67 motherboard with 4gb ddr3 and a pentium g630. I get hard freezes that require cutting the power when I overclock more than a couple hundred MHZ on any 1060 or 1050 ti I’ve tried.

        I have two Ivy Bridge z77 boards, each with 8gb ddr3 and i5-3570k that are actually rock solid but might not be the most efficient. Both of these have been mining since 2012. First, gpu bitcoin in 2012, then asic bitcoin, then gpu litecoin and so on.
        Currently, one is running 2 xfx r9 390 at 30mhs each, the other is running 3 MSI Armor 1060 6G OCV1 at 23.7 to 24 mhs.
        Both of these will mine for months without reboot but the hash is finicky. When I do restart I have to do a lot of restarting and slightly moving clocks up and down until it lands on a good number.

        My b85 board with i5-4690k and 8gb ddr3 only has one MSI Gaming X 1050 ti. Anything over 299 mhz increase on the memory will black screen the computer. This is a silent sound deadened m-atx pc for my work so I haven’t tried anything larger. It still runs in the 40s celsius and is silent so I haven’t tried any other cards.
        Stock around 12mhs and tops out at 13.4mhs with card also used for the monitor.

        I took two MSI Gaming X 1050 ti a friend with a kaby lake z270 mb and ddr4 and both cards had much higher overclock headroom. i don’t know if this was just chance, but they easily passed 14mhs and ran at 12.8mhs stock.
        To me this seems like modern systems just perform a bit better. This seems especially true with nvidia cards with high memory clocks. I haven’t seen much difference with my r9 390 that perform the same on everything it seems.

        1. Hello Shane,

          Firstly great comment – sounds like you have quite a bit of back history for mining so it’s good to know I wasn’t going mad with my mining rig performance discrepancies.

          The rig that had the z270 chipset performed better (in this post), as well as the Z97, than my now main rig with the Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ (It has the Intel H110 chipset). I did wonder before purchasing, why are they using an older chipset – suppose the cost factor / cheapest CPU socket on the market makes sense. There does seem to be a beta bios update for this board, but again, I can’t be bothered to try it. It took me some time to get this rig to run at a stable rate initially and it doesn’t help I’m mining probably 33% less ETH (difficulty increase!).

          Question – where do you learn about new coins worthy of putting some mining power toward? I’ve seen a few recommendations on Reddit but as a test, I decided to mine any algo my current rig would be good at (based on whattomine results)

          1. Yeah, I’m not surprised it performed better. I think it might come down to more emphasis on pci-e performance both from the chipset makers and motherboard vendors with normal pci basically gone and sata losing favor.

            I have a beta update (2013) on my 67 board from MSI that specifically says it improves graphics performance but I’ve been nervous to try it since it says it isn’t recommended for sandy bridge processors, only ivy bridge, and is not reversible.
            With the increasing difficulty I’m cautious about experimenting. I don’t want to wreck a rig and have to buy all new modern hardware.

            Honestly, I’m still very amateur when it comes to knowledge about altcoins. In the litecoin days I would specifically put a bit of power towards the newest stuff I could just to get a wallet to dump when prices jumped. The rest of the time I would use mostly
            Now I’m overly cautious. Probably too cautious. For one it’s gotten much harder to figure it all out with ICOs and different algos and a bigger landscape.
            But the biggest thing is that I’ve been burned so many times. Not only do I worry about putting unknown software on my computer but I have avoided using the exchanges with a lot of coins. I’ve lost a lot of money on them. Mostly cryptsy and mt-gox, but a few others, too.

            Probably to my detriment I mine exclusively ethereum at the moment. And the only exchange I actually have money on is coinbase/gdax.
            I do need to diversify, but it’s hard to find good information. Other than random reddit/forum advice, whattomine, and sites like yours I don’t know where to look.

            If you have any coin suggestions let me know.

          2. Totally agree with you – most of these mining specific boards use old chipsets so I’m not surprised really with the lack of performance in the grand scheme of things.

            Yikes – thanks for the headsup. I did look at some exchanges – i.e. try to create more ETH from what’s already mined by “trading” but like most of the people in the cryptoworld, I’m a total noob. I decided to gamble a little after reading how to trade as I am astonished how much $$$ some people are making – I think it boils down to either being lucky or knowing how to trade properly (I fit the unlucky / no idea what I’m doing / idiot category) – but based on the user comments around the internet, people are rushing to the exchanges to find the next BTC, Ripple and so on. Still mining is probably the safest way to make something bar electricity cost.

            Sorry to hear you burnt by Mt Gox and a few others – I heard how the CEO has to pay back the USD value of BTC when people put their BTC on Mt Gox – so what could have been a potential honey pot for people has turned out to be a big slap in the face!

            Same really with not being able to find good information – I’ve seen plenty of coin recommendations for “trading”, i.e. “Wow this coin is going to moon 4000%!!” and then those coins you can’t mine or require ASIC miners. So still on the hunt myself. Maybe when I figure out a good strategy for coin hunting, I’ll create a post.

          3. I’ve experienced the opposite with old boards(10yr+)/newer(2yr old boards) all seem to operate the same for me once I updated every driver and bios and everything else. Windows updates play a huge role. A fresh 1050 will do like 3mh (vs 15+) even with updated drivers if windows doesn’t have the proper updates done to it. I just got into mining a few months ago but I’ve gone through 6 motherboards from 10+yrs old to 2 yrs old (I’m thrifty) and hashrates have been consistent from the core 2 duo/athlon 64 up to the i7. I throw caution to the wind when I update everything I suppose and some like bios are difficult to role back but so far I’ve had no failures and only success with this method and my speeds have remained consistent.

  30. Good article and you’ve done a lot of research. We have 4 rigs mostly running 8gb 1070ti and Rex 580 cards but one with only 4gb 1050 it’s. With win10 and only undervolting while ramping to high manual clock speeds we get a consistent 14.5MH on each of those cards. With ESET NOD32 AV and using and IDS appliance as well as proxy DNS through OpenDNS we disable MS updates as there’s limited concern with port scans and getting hacked. Although the 4GB cards perform quite impressively for their low $200USD cost, we won’t be buying anymore due to concerns of the DAG file size growth and how 4GB cards may not be supported with mining pools like nanopool and Claymore’s dual miner just like 2GB cards. Why invest in long term if they’ll be approaching EOL… oh course we’ll be saying the same thing about 8GB cards when the 16Gig cards are rolled out this fall. Nice work though and GL mining- but be careful trading- some have won big but so many have lost too over the past month especially. Have fun!

  31. So already have a 750ti 2gb but just ordered 1050ti 4gb. Can’t mine through claymore on the 750 as not enough vram, how do I edit the batch file just to point at the 1050? Or should I just run them both through nicehash and have done with it

    1. Hello Robin,

      use the “-di” option.

      -di GPU indexes, default is all available GPUs. For example, if you have four GPUs “-di 02” will enable only first and third GPUs (#0 and #2).
      You can also turn on/off cards in runtime with “0”…”9″ keys and check current statistics with “s” key.

      So figure out what number your GTX 1050 Ti – here’s a screenshot of Claymore telling you what number GPUs are:


  32. I touch the sky at 16.5mh/s but can’t get it to run stable for more then 2 hours… 15.3-15.7 is where I normally sit with mine. I’ve dropped them down to 14.7Mh/s with stability using 73% power, -400 core, 707 clock with 24hrs stability. It runs in a room with another Miner so I like the reduced heat and pwr combo. I have ran this setup on the Asus pheonix 1050 ti’s but found best results per dollar we’re the msi single fan ti oc versions and I’m running latest drivers. Is there a reason others run older drivers?.

    1. Hello Klink,

      Holy cow! 16.5MH/s peak on a 1050 Ti? That’s insane (and I think the record from what I’ve heard of so far – well done!). Still 15.3 – 15.7 is impressive.

      I’m betting people use older drivers because they were recommended by the mining software or blog / forum posts i.e. I have posted some articles where I’m asked what driver version I’m using – and I guess people like to use the same. But it’s always better to experiment to see what yields you the best hash rate.

  33. Yeah, I have 4 msi single fan and 2 dual fan 1050 ti oc’s I find they perform nearly identical even with dual fan which is off given the $40 price disparity. I just bought 2 zotac 1050 ti oc’s, so I’ll have an idea of how they run and compare soon. Yeah I used block chain drivers with my amd’s but found Nvidia newest worked fine for me. This article was the reason I started buying them, great roi for a zippy light little card. Thanks again.

  34. Trying push it to 15.6 too,with +950 mem,+150 core,70% power limit,temp keep cool at 48 degree,without air conditioner place just fresh air,fan speed at 80%,Gtx1050Ti 4Gb Colorfull Igame Vulcan and still running for 6 hours

    1. Yeah I kept having it die after around the 28 hour mark not sure why, but it did twice… Increased power back to 100 and I’ve had no issues pulling 15.5+ steady for 2 days straight. I’ll tinker more when I get time. Congrats though if your silicon is better then mine. Just bought some zotacs so I’m anxious to try and see if I get same numbers.

      1. every brand have their own design,my colorful 1050Ti still run till today,Palit Gtx1050Ti quite good too,just its cant withstand when u limit the power under 85% and i calculate from wall power meter its drain 80 watt in total,10 watt more than colorful,for zotac i has trying gtx1060 6Gb single fan/mini 70% limit and 550 memory give me around 23Mh/s when push more than 550 its get freeze after 1 hour run, ordered more GPU for testing,Galax Gtx1050Ti ExOC 4Gb and Genuine nvidia gtx1060 3Gb,will report the test as soon

        1. Hello Handri, thanks for sharing your findings. I have a palit gtx 1060 mini and it performs pretty crappy compared to the full size 1060 3gb card. Looking forward to hearing about your other results.

          1. Hello too,for moment i have trying Colorful Igame 1060 6Gb igame Vulcan series,its easy to reach at 25Mh/s with keeping low power consume (personally at 70%)and iam not their brand promotor LOL ^^,curious bout ur Palit 1060,in my country ,Palit are branded as Digital Alliance( Indonesia) and i dont know its have mini version in their line,maybe its limited production for some country,how much Mh/s it make? as i know mini was more efficient in power draw than their main product,but lower clock,do you have trying using old driver?i think its will more stable,for info : iam still using DDR2 mobo LOL and wind 7 OS,its look nice for Nvidia side,but not really for AMD,my Sapphire RX580 8Gb Pulse Dual Samsung-hynix chip just give me 23Mh/s no more…what ever i do,reflash with modded BIOS,or changing driver,its never get better result,some Pro User say, that i am need to change my OS,i know my mobo is Relic ^^,so not sure to swap to wind 10,then i buying some Asrock H110 BTC mobo for my RX580 and may adding more VGA

          2. Hello Handri,

            My bad, It’s in fact an Asus, this one here:

            I’m not mining ETH right now, but when I last looked it was in the 19MH/s opposed to 23MH/s for the other Asus dual fan 1060.

            Ha I’ve gone past the day of trying multiple driver versions, windows updates, I have wasted too much time tinkering so in general I’m satisfied with low power consumption and stable mining.

            You may find that your hash rate drops with the Asrock H110 BTC – it did for me based on my post here:

  35. Hi,

    Anyone got any suggestions for settings for the Gigabyte 1050 Ti Windforce OC 4gb? It’s the twin fan version with extra power connector.

    I’ve just got 2 and setting up my rig, so any suggestions would be greatfully received.


    1. Hello,

      Best advice is leave power settings at 100%,then slowly increase your memory over clock in 100Mhz increments. Mine ETH to push the card hard. Rinse and repeat until you start crashing or mining starts failing.. then turn it down in 25Mhz decrements until you are stable. then start reducing max power until you are happy with a setting and it’s hash output. hth

        1. Ha tough one really. most new miners ramp this up after like 1 to 2 minutes. give thst a try.. however the real test is overnight. I personally increased clocks by 100mhz after 1 min, once it become unable at high clocks, reduced by 25mhz until it stopped crashing… and then let it mine over night. it would either crash after an hour or 4 hours. that’s when you’ll know how to tweak it fully for 90% stability.

          Just be patient in the process, it will be a satisfying experience once everything is running smoothly and you have found the absolute limit for your card without the use of some random magic number people throw about online..

  36. I am very sorry, noob question here. I am a bit confused. You state 23-25 hashrate, but then the breakdown was 10.5-12.5?

    Was the 24-25 MH/s with BOTH cards, i.e. the two cards you had in there, combined?

    Just asking as I was trying to find some cards for a rig to learn more and wanted to see if 13 4gb cards were better than 6 6gb cards.. heh

    Thanks btw, nice site

    1. Hello JRB,

      Yes that was 24-25MH/s with both cards.

      p.s. with the latest version of Claymore, you could easily reach 13-15MH/s each with some 1050 Ti’s.

  37. Hello , folks im newbie in mining , i want to thanks for all of you who spend time and energy to share your knowledge.I have MSI 1050ti aero 4gb , after i read all post and i make few experiment i found optimal settings for my system.I use old hardware :
    MB Asus p5Qpro /Intel pentium E8200 2.66ghz /2gb ram/8gb usb flash drive
    whit settings core -400 / mem +900 / power 50% / fan 60%/
    i mining whit 15,5 M/h eth algorithm whit 40-47 degrees
    i try to upload some pics but whit no success , it will be good for me if someone mine other algorithm to share his rate and settings .Good luck for all and will be cryptos rise to the moon )

    PS i want to apoligize for my bad english

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