GTX 1050 Ti 15MH/s Ethereum mining

Ethereum mining with GTX 1050 Ti – 15MH/s smackdown

Claymore has released version 9.7 of the dual ethereum miner & the most notable update for team Nvidia is the reported increase in MH/s:

Improved ETH speed for some Nvidia cards.

For the best part of this blog, the benchmarks were based on an outdated version 9.2 of Claymore’s miner.

What got me curious was that various readers were hitting very high hash rates for their GTX 1050 Ti cards (compared to my results and other benchmarks I’ve seen online).

For example a reader called Ryno hit 15.2MH/s with power saving mode enabled and an aggressive memory clock ( and then Hansraj hitting 14.5MH/s ( and finally Paul’s 1050 Ti’s are able to hit 15.7MH/s ( – with the exception of his Zotac 1050 Ti, struggling to go beyond 15MH/s consistently.

Historical hash rate

To get some context for this post, both my rigs are pushed to their overclocking limits. The rig where the 1050 Ti’s perform better has a motherboard with an Intel Z270 chipset.

When I pushed the cards hard in that rig, I was able to hit ~14MH/s with a pretty high memory clock & 100% power before losing system stability  (

In that post, the 14MH/s was achieved by setting the power limit of the GTX 1050 Ti to 100% & Memory overclock to +815MHz in the MSI Afterburner overclocking utility .

What happened after updating Claymore to v9.7?

15MH/s was achieved (briefly) in power save mode!

Claymore 9.7
15MH/s with Claymore v9.7


 CardClaymore 9.2Claymore 9.7Change
2x Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini~13.05~14.6+11%
1x Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti Mini~13.3~15.02+12.1%

Power consumption

 Power (3x 1050 Ti)Claymore 9.2Claymore 9.7Change
@ The wall185W191W+3%


The obvious lesson learnt is to make sure you have the latest version of Claymore. The update has massive gains for Nvidia cards – not so much for the AMD RX 570 I have (not worth mentioning!). The 1060 Ti’s equally increased hashrate from ~22MH/s to ~24MH/s in the same system.

However as you can tell, power consumption also goes up – perhaps the new version is either pushing the cards harder for mining, or is utilising them more. I’m sure we can figure out why by looking at the stats from GPU-Z.

Anyway, check out the vid below to qualify my results:


  1. hey, i want to ask something, is that 191 W just the card ? or what ? because you say ” @the wall ” so it’s from your rig right ?? i’m so confuse to buy 2x1050ti or 1060 6GB which is it’s same hashrate with not big different with the price.
    hope you want to reply this. thank’s

    1. Hey Josh,

      @the wall is total system power of the rig. Buy 2x 1050 Ti if they’re cheaper than a single 1060. 2x 1050 Ti will give you around 26-30MH/s. Whereas a 1060 will give you around 24/25MH/s.

  2. Impressed with your posts man! I need a little help i am building a rig of 4* 1050ti zotac mini and 1*1060 .So i am confused in psu 850 watt corsair 80 bronze is sufficent for this rig?

  3. Thanks man! running my rig @ 14.5mh/s * 4 1050 zotac mini while dual mining!
    Bro suggest some coins to dual mine with eth .!

    1. I was mining siacoin… but you should compare Decred/Siacoin/Lbry/Pascal (as that’s what Claymore supports).

      It’s hard to tell what’s going to do well and what’s not unless you do research


  4. other config is same but instead of 2 GPU.. i want to used 4 X GTX1050ti 4gb then what is the total Power Consumption @the wall.?? and also inform me about which PSU(WITH WATTS ) i will prefer for this 4 X gtx 1050ti gpu 4gb setup.? Thank u ..u r articles and video are very helpfull..

    1. Hello Kaustubh – 4x 1050 Ti’s, I estimate that you’re looking at around 240W @ the wall.

      Any good make PSU (Antec, Evga, Corsair etc) with at least 350W will be fine for your setup

      hope this helps!

  5. guys i am not getting 15mh in zotak 1050ti dual fan(micron memory)
    i am getting max 14.7 with below setup

    6x1050ti zotak dual fan oc
    using msi afterburner
    driver 385.28
    claymore 9.8 latest
    windows10 1703latest build
    current afterburner settings for 14.7
    power limit-70%
    core clock – minus 250
    memory- +750
    fan speed auto

    help really appreciated..

    have few questions also

    1st-i am getting shares at 400-600ms if i upgrade my isp and bring down to 100-150ms does it improve my share getting speed or overall profit.
    2nd- what is best for me 6x1050ti windows 10 or ethos?

    1. Hello Prashant,

      Nice rig… I can’t help you with question #1 I’m afraid.. but #2.. Stick to windows.

      Unless you’re good with linux and know how to use command line for editing files etc, I suggest that you stay with windows. It’s generally easier to manage your rig and overclocking.

      You can always create a bootable linux (ethos or something else) instance on a USB drive and see what kind of performance you get.

      From my own personal findings, overclocking on linux yields lower hash rate compared to Windows 10 for me. However others may say the opposite.

      Good luck!

  6. Hi, I just came here to say thank you. Your posts have been very useful, the comments have also been very good, I’ve learned as I also have a GTX 1050 Ti. I’m mining in Windows 10 at an average of 15 Mhz, sometimes 14.9… and sometimes 15.1… Max has been 15.2.

    Power Limit: 75%
    Temp Limit: 75 C
    Core Clock: -400
    Memory Clock: +813
    Temperature : During the night when the AC is full (18C) is around 60 C, during the day with the AC Thermostat maintaining the temp at (21C) in the house the card goes to 64 C.

    Here the picture:

  7. Hello muhepd

    Thanks – I’m glad the posts and comments have been useful to you. That’s a really good hash rate you’re getting btw – you’re also lucky you have air-conditioning. My rig had to be shut down recently for a few days because of the heat here in the UK.

  8. Hi all, newbie question….

    Im currently mining using this spec :

    Proc : i5-3470
    Mobo : ecs b75h2-m3
    Cpu cooler : buffalo
    Ram : Hyper fury x 1600 4gbx2
    Gpu : EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SSC GAMING ACX 3.0 4GB DDR5
    HDD : Seagate 500g
    Psu : Corsair Vs 650

    Mining from Nanopool through local provider internet connection 4Mbps. Using Claymore dual miner provided by nanopool (download from there)

    I got stable 12.330 – 12.346 Mh/s with GPU 59C with fan 38%. Being mining 0.00150000 for 12 hours.

    1- Do my hash rate and profit is good or bad or average?
    2- What can i do to increase the hash rate or profit?
    3- Can i running 24/7 with this spec or should i let it rest after 12 hours/1 day?
    4- Can anyone suggest anything for my spec? Maybe adding more ram or change psu?

    Really appreciate to have some knowledge since im new to mining.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Chot,

      It looks like you’re using your main computer as a mining rig – I started off like this. I was mining at night when I was sleeping and then switching mining off in the day. However didn’t earn much until I had a proper mining rig running 24/7 with LOTS of gpus. I don’t see the point in mining with single GPU computer.

      1) Hash rate seems average for stock clock 1050 Ti – Try this calculator about profit:
      2) Overclock it to get more hash or add more GPUs
      3) Depends on you really! Generally should be ok 24/7
      4) Changing RAM / PSU / CPU / Motherboard will make no difference in hashing power.. You need more GPUs for that

      1. Hi,

        After using Evga Precision XOC setting as :

        Setting 1 =
        Power Target : 70%
        Temp Target : 65%
        GPU Clock Offset : Default +0Mhz
        MEM Clock Offset : +750Mhz from default
        Fan : Default (auto 35%)

        Getting 14.748 Mh/s.

        Setting 2 =
        Power Target : 100%
        Temp Target : 83%
        GPU Clock Offset : +137 from default
        MEM Clock Offset : +902Mhz from default
        Fan : 75%

        Getting 15.355 Mh/s.

        Any suggestion? no, im not planning to buy any extra GPU atm. Currently mining on single GPU right now. Or do u have some nice setting that i could follow? I mean some safety setting and low consumption on electricity. Planning on running 24/7

        Thank you very much

        1. Hello Chot,

          your power saving hash rate (14.748 Mh/s) is very good so stick with that. Safety settings – there are none really since you can’t fry the 1050 Ti unless you over-volt so just don’t change anything.

          1. Hello Noob Miner.

            I notice many fried out cards on Ebay and Amazon.

            I run many 1050 ti’s and purposefully use them at 50% power and they get me 12 to 13 mh/s. I dont have any special cooling and being in a small room with 6 of them it isnt so warm that it is a bother.

            My question is am I being to careful? I would like my cards to last and so far I have mined them 24/7 for a month and a half with no degradation. Of course if I could squeeze out an extra 2.5 mh/s by extremely overclocking a card that is already overclocked by the manufacturer, but I am just not sure that for 10 cards running an extra 25 mh/s is worth how much it costs to replace these cards.

            God forbid you are running 1080 ti’s or Titan’s.

            Great information in your posts. Thanks for taking your time to share.

          2. Hello Anthony,

            Thanks for the comments – it’s always nice to know my posts are useful to some people

            I’m surprised you found fried cards on Amazon tbh! I have only ever seen used working cards on there (I bought 2 of my GTX 1050 Ti’s from Amazon in used condition).

            I don’t think you’re being too careful, the truth is no enthusiast short of an actual electrical engineer, can confirm if mining 24/7 will degrade your cards substantially (not the functionality but actual components). Some manufacturers go as far as marketing how their products being “long life” – you would assume longevity is the name of the game based on their claims.

            Though like you, I’m still doubtful in the long term – wear and tear is real! My friend repairs laptops and it’s usually capacitors or soldering going wrong (soldering due to prolonged heat). As in performance degradation, your concerns made me think about a video I saw about 6 months ago when I was researching mining – the same questions as you “will it fry my card”. I came across this video from Linus (he’s a youtube techy if you don’t know) – he did some benchmark and said the performance difference between a mining card and new card, were negligible. Below is the link:


            Heat is probably your biggest problem – my cards were running hot so I added 3x 120mm fans to cool them. The problem with open air mining rigs is there is no air flow – which is quite important imo.

  9. This was very good information. I do have a question I notice some users have the Core clock -400 why? Below are my setting I currently have on my

    Evga Geforece GTX 1050ti ssc version
    Power Limit % – 80
    Core Clock – +130
    Memory Clock – +910
    Fan Speed – 70%
    GPU Temp – 61’c stays around that temp all the time unless I lower the fan speed.

    Hash rate are between 14.89 -> 15.254 ( it jumps around between those numbers.

    Am i doing something wrong or am I working my card way to much ? Is my configuration wrong that’s why the numbers are jumping all around?

    1. Hello Crystal,

      From the looks of things, you’re doing everything right

      Question 1: some users down clock core
      Answer: This is usually dependant on what you’re mining. For example, mining ETH and decreasing your clock speed won’t significantly impact hash rate. By reducing clock speed, in theory you’re creating less heat and consuming a little less power.

      Question 2: hash rate inconsistent
      Answer: This is normal – you’ll never get a flat number for hashing power. A good explanation can be found here:

      1. I just tried to lower the core clock and it went down to 15.230 for a little bit then went back up 15.300. I would like to keep it in the 15.400 range but that’s kind of hard since I would have to increase the ‘power limit’ part. That would take more power to run and cost more right?

        1. Hello again Crystal,

          Hmmm – I personally learnt that there’s no point tweaking right to the decimal detail. Losing sleep over 0.1MH/s is not worth it. Besides I can definitely tell you that anything over 15MH/s is pretty much the peak for the 1050 Ti cards – there’s no point in counting your chickens until you’re hitting 100% stability 24/7 when mining full tilt.

          That being said, if you want to achieve 15.4MH/s and increasing power limit is the only way to do it (other than updating drivers, trying different miners, different operating systems or any other tweak humanly imaginable), then I’m afraid you’re just going to have to suck it up and accept power consumption will increase by achieving your goal.

  10. Thank you very much for this. I’m new to this whole mining thing. I didn’t really want to burn my card out tweaking to much on it. I heard stories of people burning the card and the computer catching on fire.
    I did read somewhere that If I lower the core clock it would give you the same hashrate. Since I’m using nicehash for now I’m getting about 13.00 out of it.

    1. Would it be a good idea to keep the core clock to 0 or 1 ?
    2. What the purpose of the core clock?
    3. I know the more memory clock the better when mining is that correct?

    1. Hello Crystal,

      The horror stories are for the miners incorrectly powering their cards via risers, crappy cables or shorting somehow.

      It sounds like you’re mining from a proper PC in a PC case, and the card directly connected to the motherboard? If you’ve not done anything strange then it should be ok.

      1) I would leave core clock overclock to 0.
      2) Core clock is like your CPU’s clock speed – it’s the speed your card runs at.
      3) It depends on what you are mining – some coins mine higher with core overclock and others with memory overclock.


      1. Hello Noob Miner,

        My main business is industrial recycling so I always run across year or two old computers people are dumping.

        All of my rigs are Dell Optiplex 3010’s midsize with i5 3400, 6 gb of memory, 250gb hdd, and a Nvidia GTX 1050 ti or above.

        I also dont mess around with ATI. The two 560’s I have are mining Monero.

        Those little guys run 350 watt ps like you recommend and they dont take up power. The area near Atlanta, GA that I live in has 10 cents per KW/H rates and running more than 10 of these guys in my house 24 hours a day doesnt make a dent at all in my power bill.

        To be honest I find this whole thing very interesting to play with and as long as you are smart with what you buy and you dont fry your cards you still make money. I bought my 1050 ti’s at an average of $220 each and Best Buy wants $309 right now for a new one.

        Please people! Be smart like Noob Miner and play with actual mining. Dont buy cryptocurrency, especially with a credit card! : (

        Thanks again for the fine posts Noob!

        1. Ah very nice! I was recently annoyed with my work – an IT recycling company took all our old hardware that I had dibs on. We threw out a $1000 NAS drive and a few base units with i5s too. Was subtly annoyed (boss said I could have it all).

          Yep it’s been a great learning experience. To be honest I think I’m now bored of mining – but I’m hunting for new coins – very time consuming. Yet to find a reasonably good crypto project that is minable and hasn’t exploded yet. Being lazy right now and am using nice hash. ETH difficulty is insane right now. I.e. I was mining around 0.05 every 2 days, now it’s 0.02 or thereabouts lol.

  11. i have a little gaming setup.
    CPU: core i5 8400
    GPU: GTX 1050ti 4GB OC WF2
    RAM:16GB 3200mhz corsair Vengence
    HDD: EVO 250GB SSD + WD Black 2TB
    MOB: Gigabyte Z370XP SLI LGA1151 Motherboard
    PSU: vs650

    I have tried to mine little bit using this setup while i am not gaming. can this PSU support additional GPU (GTX 1050ti 4GB OC WF2)?

    1. Hello there,

      Yeh 650W is plenty – just make sure you have enough PCIe power connectors if the GPU you want needs a 6-pin PCIe connector.


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